A Wall Street(s) related allegory

The King is the Lamb

Councils of Elders (leery, wise knights) cast in iron the straight rules of the Knights Code of Chivalry (deeded over from father to son in the kingdom at large):  

    Combat unfairness, meanness, deceit. 
    Protect the king and the kingdom with all prowess. 

Obeying the code and minding their own business, most of the king's men kept away from the strings of the tournament market. 


Nevertheless, the tournaments were getting traction. Arms were shining in a blaze of glory. Troubadours chanted. The mob, the beautiful women (and even bishops), rejoiced the barons who jousting for prize knocked their opponents off the horseback.  Winner's coats of arms were rising... the higher a flag, the more of a story, the prizes, the glory ...and those high scores, Sir, awakened the bite of a sore...  

Why pay homage to the king?  


Doable. Care for steps, rendered  the warlock some advice:

1.      - praise the king;

2.      - scout peers, proper sort (Proctors)

3.      - make them Councilors (they’ll owe You homage);

4.      - scout troubadours (found of treats);

5.      - got your strings? Rip off the kings.



“Barons, cut back your scheme, it even rakes on hell...!”. Still, they went ahead with it, minding not to care. The White Knight sued them tooth and nail. Cheat, plot, rule paint, a rather tough complaint... Ouch!... Now, the Barons communed: "B troubadours, go bat. A smear campaign. Grey the lad". 


“White lad, so helps us God, in the cold light of the day, we turn White Grey, we make thou blink, hear, hear all think: "Grey lad, thy words are scams ... Poor barons are the good king’s lambs... ". 

Saddling the Councils of Elders

Tournaments snowballed. Troubadours chanted. Arms were shining. The barons, jousting for prize knocked their opponents off the horseback. One Council of Elders after another was slicked up and (with king's men down) the Proctors were raising up in the saddles. Rusted out, the iron rules of the Knights Code of Chivalry tasted obsolescence. The Barons were preaching to the choirs... 

Comeuppance... Now they've seen it ...
All of the king’s men, most taken aback...

    "Indeed and beyond doubt... 
     The Knights Code of Chivalry...
    Was being dealt a weak hand...
    By each Proctor raised to ability..."

          ... extract from the True Bill, White Knight v. Barons      


 ...the kingdom's guards,  the public, the white knight, the barons and a judge


The White Knight:

"Worry of their fingers, keep an eye on their toes...

Sticky through your pocket they go like a dose of salts

From the bottom of the deck, dexterously oiling on wheels

Theirn sticky-tricky-fingers play no end of thundering steals...

The Barons:

Thunder steals?! Yous kidding naughty Knight?! (whatever... Grey, White)

The Kingdom's Guards:

Listen lad, chaps 'a told us loud and clear: "To quick-fix the mess,

We could deed a Hobson's choice: neither more (either less)...

That large-a-fine comes-handy-in with-a-denial of wrongdoing...

The whole nine yards won't fit the bill ...or will thou take a chance at suing?"

Hmm... The former idea takes to us just like a duck to water... 

Oh... itchy, still and all, naked on a shore, sits the sticky-fingers matter...

Ugh... how to move it off the floor while settling, too, a public score? 

Suppose we coin it into, what will do? A! The ubiquitous "neither nor" !...

Kings of the castle, Barons cavil a nail ...

Quite some equestrians, too big to tail / fail ...

Yet, our scarce firing squads tout them cave that in, a pretty, liberal fine!

With a capital: Gee! Titles: (papers and TV) "Barons Brought In Line!"

Is not that fix a quick one? A snap close to an eye for an eye...?

And forbearance gentlefolks, the time jar will catch more fly...

Fairly folks, how high the odds to knock them off in front of the twelve?

The greater good itself sturdy itches for ...neither more dig nor delve... 

Bang the agreed bail in... 

A judge: "Inow safer to wine and dine...?"

The Kingdom's Guards:

Business as usual. Come rain or shine...

Worry not of their fingers, no more than of their toes...

Sticky'anew never-ever is how their reputation goes.


King: Owner, Shareholder
 Kingdom: A public company
 Knights Code of Chivalry Moral Laws, Bylaws, Award Plans, Employment Contracts, etc
 Councils of Elders Elected Boards
 Knights Managers/councilors/public servants abiding by the Knights Code of Chivalry
 White Knight Knight who fights an uphill battle for a right cause benefiting many
 King's Men Knights caring for owners' interests honestly (some with a low others with the right posture)
 Councillor Member of a Board
 Tournaments Frenzy feasts which through abuse defy moral: Golden Parachutes, certain Award Plans, Employment Contracts, investment graded junk sub-prime MBS, Naked Short Selling, etc
 Barons Managers/councilors/boards/firms whose own interests are made senior to those of owners/public
 Proctors Fallen Knights paid with the King's money, pretending to act for him on Boards but whose fealty and acts, eventually, benefit the Barons
 Warlocks Consultants (for remuneration and other) paid by Barons & Proctors with the King's money. Their advice is, eventually, served right back to the King
 B Troubadour Media person working for barons - most often by pretending a genuine and independent opinion